October 18, 2021, 7:00 p.m.

Program: Fishers in Pennsylvania

Presenter: William Williams, Information and Education Supervisor, Pennsylvania Game Commission Northeast Region

Have you been lucky enough to see a fisher in nature?  During 1994-1998, through a joint project between the Game Commission, the Pennsylvania State University and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, 190 fishers (87 males, 97 females, 6 of unknown sex) were reintroduced in six sites in northern Pennsylvania. In the ensuing 23 years their population and the area they inhabit have expanded.

William Williams, Information and Education Supervisor, PGC NE Region Office will describe the recovery of fisher populations in Pennsylvania and explain the ecology, behavior and management of this secretive predator.  "Many hunters and other outdoor recreationists have a negative opinion of the fisher because of its behavior and perceived impact on game populations.  When this animal is examined without emotional bias, what emerges is a fascinating animal deserving of a little more understanding,” writes William Williams.

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