Parting Thoughts

    If you’ve noticed the newsletter heading for this column, then you’ve noticed that I soon will step aside as GWVAS President. I would be very remiss, then, in this my final “From the President” column, if I failed to thank you, the members, for your support and for your tolerance of the diatribes, like the one above, that more than occasionally have filled these pages. I would be equally remiss if I failed to thank the Officers and Directors for their persistence and hard work, as well as for their understanding and patience when my frustrations from trying to serve as “President in absentia” boiled over. Thanks in particular to Craig Yarrish for assuming, for more than two years, so many of the duties of President, and to Bonnie Yuscavage for volunteering to succeed me as President. Special thanks also to the GWVAS’s two “retirees,” Sandy Goodwin and John Jakoby. For many years, Sandy has served the GWVAS in various capacities, including as Secretary, Board of Directors member, Banquet Committee member, “Keeper of the Screen” and “Keeper of the Key” to our meeting room. I know that I am not alone in wishing her well and hoping that she continues to participate in Chapter activities. John likewise has served for many years in various roles, including as President, Board of Directors member, Newsletter Editor, and Field Trip Committee Chairperson, and although “retiring from Audubon,” John has promised that he won’t be a stranger. In addition, he will continue to help by relieving our very overworked Treasurer, Deb Petroski, of the Membership Committee Chairperson’s duties. While my stepping aside as GWVAS President means that I might no longer be filling these pages with my own words (I offer no guarantees of that), I will be filling them with the words of others since I will try to carry on John’s legacy of publishing excellence by assuming the role of newsletter editor.

    Finally, I encourage our members to become more involved in YOUR Chapter by volunteering to serve in leadership roles as officers, directors, committee chairpersons, or committee members. Over the years, many folks have held leadership positions, and their service has allowed the GWVAS to persevere for more than four decades. Now, the Chapter needs the kind of new energy and new enthusiasm that new leaders can bring to ensure that the organization continues to persevere for many decades to come. I hope, as I relinquish the Chapter’s reins, that I can count on newcomers to take hold of those reins and help to lead the GWVAS into the future.

    Enjoy the summer and please stay healthy and safe by abiding by health experts’ advice and recommendations

    Best Wishes,

    Bob Wasilewski


As a young person whose future is being destroyed, we need to end fossil fuel extraction today. Every ounce of oil that is dug up is another nail in the coffin for our planet. We need people to understand that the risk of doing nothing is losing everything.”

    Washington State student, climate activist, and founder of Zero Hour

    (, Jamie Margolin

From Solutions, Vol. 51; No. 2/Spring 2020; Environmental Defense Fund