Keeping Feeder Birds Safe


*Take down feeders once a week and soak them in a bucket of bleach solution.  Rinse and dry before refilling.  1/10 bleach to 9/10 water.

*Before soaking feeders, scrub them thoroughly to remove debris.

*Spread the feeders out.  Place them in different parts of your property.

*Only put out the amount of seed that will be eaten in a couple of days.  (If you have a bear problem, use even less.)

*Native plants are better than feeders.  They support insects and insects support birds.

*Keep the area around feeders clean.  Pick up spilled feed and droppings with a broom or shovel.

*Store feed in rodent-proof containers.  Mice can spread diseases to birds.

*Avoid table feeders where birds sit directly on seed.  Table and tube feeders need to be diligently cleaned.

*Wear gloves when cleaning feeders.  Wash your arms when finished.  Have brushes, etc. dedicated only to cleaning the feeders.

*If you see sick or dead birds, stop feeding for at least two weeks.  Because birds fly around the neighborhood, diseases can spread quickly unless everyone takes precautions.

Follow these tips to keep your feeder birds happy and healthy.