Harveys Lake


 Location: Harveys Lake, PA near Dallas, PA


Event/Season: Waterfowl during spring and autumn migration, wintering waterfowl


Possible Sightings: canvasback, bufflehead, coot, common loon, pied-billed grebe, horned grebe, hooded merganser, scaup, ring- necked duck, occasionally oldsquaw


Directions: I-81 to PA 309 North, or PA Turnpike Northeast Extension (I-476) to PA 115 North to PA 309, North to PA 415, which circles Harveys Lake. Drive/bike/walk the 8.1 miles around the lake. The PA Fish and Boat Commission parking and boat launch area area offers good viewing opportunities without having to worry about traffic. As you drive around the lake, please be aware of other drivers; pull onto the shoulder to allow them to pass whenever it is safe to do so. Also, please do not interfere with mail delivery. Finally, please do not feed the ducks. Water quality concerns have prompted Harveys Lake Borough Council to enact an ordinance prohibiting this activity. Morning is a good time to visit because there is relatively little activity around the lake. Harveys Lake is quite large. Hence, it attracts a variety of waterfowl species, and unusual sightings are possible.

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